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ISEB Certificate in Business Analysis Essentials

This certificate is concerned with some of the fundamental aspects of business analysis. Its focus is on using an holistic approach to the investigation and improvement of business situations with a view to developing effective, feasible business solutions. Candidates are required to understand a range of strategic analysis and performance management techniques and must be able to apply business analysis techniques within a defined framework.

ISEB Certificate in Requirements Engineering

This certificate is concerned with the Requirements Engineering approach to requirements definition. Its focus is on using a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements. Candidates are required to be able to understand and explain the Requirements Engineering approach and to adopt relevant techniques at all stages of this approach.

ISEB Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques

This certificate is primarily concerned with modelling systems from a variety of perspectives. It requires candidates to construct three main types of model reflecting these individual perspectives and to describe the interactions between them. The syllabus is constructed so that the examination can reflect different modelling notations and hence does not go into the detail of any one specific approach. This allows a choice of structured, object oriented or agile modelling approaches to be examined.

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